Superstar Temps: Why Temp Agencies Love Losing Workers

What’s the difference between the average worker and a “Superstar” temp?

It’s three intangible qualities that employers crave.

“I signed up with TRAC Staffing, a local temp agency,” says David Garner, “just to see what opportunities were out there.”

Through TRAC Staffing, David found a position with MP Warehouse in Fort Smith, Arkansas. It wasn’t long before he was offered a full-time position.

So, what makes a superstar temp? Being an “ACE”.


1. Attitude

Attitude. First, superstar temps bring full-time attitude to a temporary position.

“We love it when a company offers to hire a temp away from us,” said Kasey Moran, CEO of TRAC Staffing. “That’s the reason we work so hard to recruit the best available workers. We call them “Superstars”; we want our clients to be happy with every single worker we send. One sure indication that a company is happy with someone’s work is by hiring them full time!”

David is a supervisor at MP Warehouse. With this move he went from temping to a full-time job where he’s now in charge of finding and managing other temporary workers.

“I believe that anybody has the same opportunity that I did. As long as you come in, have a good attitude, and work with integrity you’re going to move up the ladder. That’s just the way it works.”


2. Commitment

Secondly, Commitment. Moran says the best temps show loyalty to every job. “ David is a great example of the kind of temp that’s out there now,” said Moran. “The commitment that these workers bring to every job is a big reason for the growth of our industry.” And it is growing. According to a study conducted by CareerBuilder, the staffing industry will grow six percent in 2015. Another survey, this one by Staffing Industry Analysis, states that available temporary jobs will increase 13 percent by 2019. A recent article in Forbes claims that many of the fastest growing temp jobs can be found in the medical, light industrial, administrative, and I.T. fields. That’s not to say that every temp is seeking a permanent placement. In fact, according to a recent survey by the Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk, 53 million Americans are currently working professionally on a freelance basis. It’s a situation that benefits both the worker and the company.


3. Excellence

The third characteristic of a superstar temp, according to Moran, is a higher than average drive to perform, to excel.“Realistically, we can’t hire every temp,” said Garner, “but we want to keep the people who excel. For example, there’s a woman who works here who started as a temp filling boxes. Over time she worked hard, learned how to work a machine, and got a raise. Now, we keep her working all the time. Even when there’s no work in her regular job, we’ll find other jobs in the company because we don’t want her to leave. ” The recent growth in temporary staffing is a big change from the time when companies and the general public would look down their noses at temporary employment. And that’s due in large part to the professionalism of the temp workers themselves. “ We’re happy that we can allow people to have flexible work schedules and even a chance at a higher paycheck than some comparable full-time positions,” said Moran, “but we also stress to our workers how important they are to these companies. There’s no such thing as ‘just a temp.’ Their skills are needed – they are needed – that’s why these companies are bringing them on.”