Initial setup fees will be customized to your individual needs.


  • Provide weekly/biweekly/bimonthly/ monthly payroll
  • File and pay payroll taxes
  • Withhold employee taxes
  • File quarterly payroll tax reports
  • Pay withholdings to state & federal agencies
  • Issue W2 forms


  • Provide weekly/biweekly/bimonthly/ monthly payroll
  • File and pay payroll taxes
  • Withhold employee taxes
  • File quarterly payroll tax reports
  • Pay withholdings to state & federal agencies
  • Issue W2 forms


  • Online Time-card system
  • Employee online portal with unlimited access to paystub and tax forms

Both packages include:

  • Unlimited payrolls
  • Tax filings and payments
  • State and federal unemployment insurance
  • W-2s and 1099
  • Garnishments
  • Multiple pay rates and schedules
  • Direct deposit
  • Paid-Time off tracking
  • State New Hire Reporting
  • Payroll Reports
  • Paystubs and tax forms
  • Issue W2 forms
  • Electronic self-onboarding including 1-9 and W-4
  • Unlimited customer service support (phone/email)

We Have Partnerships to Help With:

Health Benefits. We partner with a licensed broker and can work with you to help you put the right plan in place for your team and at your budget.

Retirement Plans. We can consult with your company and our partner to help you structure the best 401 (k) offering for your employees. 401 (k) plans are a great tool for employee retention, recruitment, and leads to an increase in overall employee job satisfaction.

Workers’ Compensation. Workers’ compensation plans are also available through our partners and we can help you find a plan that fits your businesses needs.


Learn How TRAC Staffing Can Help Your Organization!

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    Core Competencies:

    TRAC Staffing partners with our clients to create custom employment solutions reflective of their unique suite of needs. These arrangements can include:

      • Payroll Processing. Our payroll processing service allows us to service client employees as they continue to operate under their own FEIN. TRAC Staffing partners to become an administrative arm of their payroll division. TRAC will process paychecks, process all federal and state payroll tax payments and reports, and process all W-2’s at the end of each year on behalf of our client. In this arrangement, the client remains the employer-of-record and TRAC Staffing’s services allows them to keep their full focus on fulfillment of business goals.


      • Employee Leasing. TRAC Staffing becomes the employer-of-record to fulfill unique workforce strategies. This arrangement allows our clients to retain their qualified, proven workforce while circumventing restrictions or impositions that may otherwise present themselves as the result of direct employment. This is known as employee leasing and it holds great strategic value in many situations. Employee leasing often results in higher retention and happier, more productive employees. And it’s no surprise, considering our leased employees have access to competitive medical, dental, and vision offerings, a 401(k) retirement option that boasts a portfolio that consistently yields competitive returns, and benefit from the ability of drawing their earned retirement while dually receiving employment income, often times resulting in a higher net income for the employees.


      • Staffing Arrangements. Clients choose TRAC Staffing for high level staffing services, which include the recruitment, screening, and placement of new hires. These new hires are employed at our clients’ work site for either a temporary or a temp-to-hire time period. Temporary employees are only on assignment with the client, as employees of TRAC Staffing, for a finite duration of time whereas temp-to-hire employees are placed with the intent to eventually become permanent members of our client’s strategic workforce.


      • Direct Hire Staffing. For client’s who need to locate talent that is unique, outside of their area of expertise and/or geographic region, or an upper management or highly skilled technical position, they choose to engage TRAC Staffing in a direct hire (ie, expert recruiter) capacity. Typically, this arrangement is made for a one-time and very specific hiring need, but direct hire may also be utilized strategically on an ongoing basis.


      • Employee Training, Client Consulting. TRAC Staffing’s CEO, Kasey Moran, has her M.S.A. degree in Adult Education with an emphasis on Human Resources and is active in the day-to-day operations of the company. Therefore, TRAC Staffing is able to offer our clients comprehensive employee safety training in myriad industries. TRAC also possesses the ability to design and provide customized HR-related training and consulting on topics such as: Diversity, EEOC, Medical Marijuana in the Workplace, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, and more.