Mission: Ambition’s Goal Putting Citizens to Work

“We know Sallisaw is ready to get back to work, and TRAC Staffing and other companies have job openings all over Sallisaw. We know people want to grow in their career, invest in their futures, learn new skills – and Carl Albert State College and Indian Capital Technology Center have programs to help make those goals a reality,”

the spokesman said. The City of Sallisaw and the Sallisaw Chamber of Commerce understand how important it is for the area to have a thriving workforce and an employed workforce, and they are partnering to help support the cause and get the message, “Sallisaw is hiring!” into the community. Mix 105.1, Sequoyah County Times, and NHS Sequoyah have opted to support this campaign through their extensive networks and their unique platforms to reach the citizens of Sallisaw.”

What’s your mission? What’s your ambition? The partners in “Mission: Ambition can help you get there. Get a job. Grow in your career. Invest in yourself.”

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Article by: Miles Crawford, Business Development & Marketing